Sustainable and equitable funding for California's roadways

California's transportation system is in disrepair, and we have a critical funding shortfall. We're collaboratively researching sustainable gas tax alternatives to maintain and repair our state's roadways.

Fixing California's roadways,
one mile at a time.

California needs an innovative roadway funding mechanism to
accommodate our growing population and bustling, $2.8 trillion economy.

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more miles

  • Over the past 40 years, the amount of miles Californians have driven has more than tripled.
  • More miles traveled has led to many of California's roadways reaching or exceeding their designed lifespan, leading to poor road conditions.
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fuel efficiency

  • More drivers are opting for high fuel efficiency and alternative fuel vehicles, resulting in less gas tax revenue to fund roadway maintenance and repair.
  • Insufficient gas tax revenue leaves more than $5.7 billion in unfunded road repairs each year.
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new funding
solutions needed

  • All drivers contribute to road deterioration but all do not contribute equitably to roadway funding under the gas tax.
  • A pay-per mile funding model could be a sustainable and equitable transportation funding model for decades to come.

What is Road Charge?

Road Charge is an innovative funding mechanism that allows drives to support road maintenance based on distance traveled, not the amount of gas they consume.


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